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We are different. Different and unique. We combine two worlds to one compelling product: architecture and virtual reality. The result is astonishing: you can walk through your future design in real time with interactive virtual models.

You'll experience your design from a whole new perspective, literally and figuratively. On a normal monitor or with VR glasses on, you'll walk through future buildings and have the total freedom to see designs before they become a reality. You can experience depth, see people walking around you and interact with the environment. The extra dimension that realtime 3D gives you, might prove vital for your contractor or interested party.

You can also take your design into your own hands and bring it to you with our new product: Aura. Easy, fun and compelling! Arhidimex focusses on user experience and usability. Look around on our site and see what we can do for you. Feel free to contact us.


All films on this site are screen-recordings. You can browse throught the movies on the right.

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